Vocera is going places!

“We are averaging 1500 Vocera calls per month Non-Outage. 

-Nick Spalaris, IT Manager: Seabrook/Point Beach



Clinton P3’s still performing in the Heater Bay after 40 weeks…

The last P3 we got that we installed in the heater bays are holding up after 40 weeks of service (there are four of them in area’s of approx. 115 to 122 Deg F and 800mr/hr to 1.5 R/hr  ) they are running well, could use a better LED light the one on them works but more would be better.


-Bob Egan, Clinton Power Station

Vocera Readiness Cabinets, a huge success at Salem!

Hope Creek Vocera Use Saves Time and Dose during DAPA Surviellence

“Great win last October 2019 on DAPA surveillance by I&C on night shift, using Vocera saved 8 hours of time and 200 mrem of dose.  Last outage with two I&C technicians it took 12 hours and 250 mrem of exposure.  This outage it took 4 hours and 50 mrem of dose received to perform the same task.  The only difference in the task was the implementation of the Vocera IP communication system”.

Hal Trimble


Corporate Refuel Team uses wifi mobile cam to quickly diagnose an issue

Recently deployed in a US Nuclear Plant: During movement of a large component (Heavy Load) an interference caused the process to stop. Due to the fact they would be working under this Heavy Load and it was in a LHRA, it was going to be very difficult to inspect in a timely fashion. Within 5 minutes, they were able to attach the camera to a pole which allowed them to view the obstruction and not enter the LHRA to do so.

“The time and dose saved being able to view and inspect the damages from a safe working distance was invaluable”!!!

Fleet Reactor Services Manager


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