I.I.S. WAM Trainer

Key Features:

  Standalone functionality;  (pre-loaded list of 100 scenario points) for quick, easy training deployment

  Scenario Functionality;  True time sequenced, wirelessly transmitted data from data tables;  WAM units receive chronological time/date stamped data from remote computer.  Requires IIS Base Radio to be configured to WAM Trainer computer.

  Multiple WAM’s can be included in wireless scenario mode

  Stat/Stop/Pause allows for taking ‘time out’ during training scenario for instruction/break, etc.


  Fast Easy ‘Plug and Play’  Set up; Save/Load previous training scenarios for rapid deployment

  Authentic Training Tools;  Looks/feel of standard WAM unit (marked with training notation to identify Training/Simulation functionality)

  Eliminate need for controller-supplied data during Training Exercise; improves authenticity of training experience


  Emergency Planning use:  Radiation Simulation during Emergency Planning Drills

  Training Department use:  Radiation Simulation during RP/Rad Worker Training

  RP/ALARA Department use:  Radiation Simulation during ALARA Mock Up exercises

Additional Features:

  Available on WAM D and WAM P models

  Clearly identified WAM Training Status; Units with bright yellow label marked training unit

  Easy configuration via WAM Pro Software (WAM Training functionality sold as upgrade) to

standard WAM Pro system)

***IIS Radio Base Station (additional component)  required for WAM Trainer Scenario option*** 

All  WAM Training Units are sold WITHOUT Standard GM Radiation Detectors unless otherwise noted   

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