Remote Monitoring Technology Site Assessment

I.I.S. will come to your site for a small fee plus travel and expenses for 3 days and perform a complete technology assessment of the following areas:

  • Existing Telemetry hardware inventory and current and past use of this equipment.
  • Site communications capabilities with all personnel workers during Outage and non-outage activities with work control and RP.
  • Site computer network capabilities LAN, and WiFi infrastructure coverage.
  • How much fiber and twisted pair is in place?
  • Areas targeted for Health Physics Remote Monitoring Stations providing remote job coverage.
  • Overall intended scope of remote monitoring applications.
  • Existing video capability, and where you want to monitor the video system from.
  • Site radio antenna availability, current Radio use type and scope of communication.
  • RX vault, and Auxiliary bldg. physical layout and access area layouts.
  • RP procedures for job coverage as compared to the EPRI guidelines

This evaluation will allow I.I.S. to provide you a recommended implementation plan for your Plant’s Video, Audio and Telemetry systems for Power Block plant use during outages and non-outages.

The following are the deliverables:

  1. Recommended video system equipment and configuration with Dwgs.
  2. Recommended telemetry application & configuration with Dwgs
  3. Recommended wireless audio communications for all plant personnel with Dwgs.
  4. Recommended interface hardware and software for these systems.
  5. Recommended console configuration for Remote Monitoring
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