CrewCom Control Unit

The Control Unit (CU) is the foundational element of the CrewCom system and establishes the CrewNet-based infrastructure while also providing external connections to common, established intercom systems. By design, the CU contains no radio and is frequency agnostic and can therefore control and monitor any device across CrewNet regardless of radio frequency bands being utilized.

CrewCom 900MHZ Radio Transceiver

The Radio Transceiver (RT) houses a radio (900MHz) with corresponding antennas and serves as an access point, enabling RF communications with CrewCom Radio Packs. Using CrewNet as a backbone, RTs can be positioned throughout a wide coverage area by being connected to a Control Unit either directly or through a Hub(s), or connected in a daisy-chain configuration.

CrewCom 900MHz Radio Pack

The CrewCom Radio Pack is a highly designed, innovative digital wireless beltpack used for connecting mobile users to the CrewCom system. Along with standard full duplex communications, the Radio Pack combines flexible conference access and customizable controls for a highly functional yet familiar user experience.


Wireless Intercom System

MicroCom XR

The MicroCom XR is a two channel intercom system that uses pack to pack operation over 900MHz or 2.4GHz ISM Bands.

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