The I.I.S. WAM-500 P Wireless Area Radiation Monitor

The NEW WAM-500 P- The Wireless Area Monitor (WAM) 500 P (Portable) is a hand-held, wireless, gamma radiation monitor.

Ludlum Model 3 Survey Meter

The meter has a rugged design and microprocessor electronics. With proper care, the Ludlum Model 3 will last decades. It operates on two “D” cells for approximately

Ludlum 43-92 Alpha Scintillator

The Model 43-92 is an alpha
scintillator. With an active
area of 100 cm2, a slim,
low-profile body, and a low background count rate,

Thermo RadEye SX Survey Meter for external scintillation probes

The RadEye SX is a modern compact multi-purpose survey meter for external scintillator counter tubes. General count rate and surface contamination

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