RadEye NL

The RadEye NL can be used as a handheld survey meter. To increase the efficiency for fast neutrons, the RadEye NL can be put into an optional

RadEye AB100 : Alpha Beta Contamination Monitor

The RadEye AB100 is a modern contamination meter for surface contamination measurements with excellent alpha/beta discrimination.

RadEye GX

The RadEye GX is a modern compact multipurpose survey meter for external Geiger Mueller counter tubes. General count rate and surface

RadEye SX

The RadEye SX is a modern compact multi-purpose survey meter for external scintillator counter tubes. General count rate and surface

RadEye PX

The Thermo Scientific RadEye PX survey meter is a modern light weight multi-purpose meter for Rem-Counters and surface contamination detectors


The RadEye SPRD is a high-performance radiation detection and radionuclide analyzer designed to detect, locate and identify

RadEye G

The RadEye G is a light-weight and very rugged instrument designed for quick and reliable measurement of gamma dose rates.

RadEye HEC

The RadEye HEC is a sample counting system that provides simultaneous alpha and beta measurements. The system incorporates a 2″ dual

RadEye B20-ER

The Thermo Scientific RadEyeTM B20 / B20-ER models are the next generation line of improved quick survey and precision scaler


The Rad Halo detects and identifies gamma and neutron radiation in the environment. With multiple configurations available,

Radeye FME System

The I.I.S. RadEye Series FME System allows you to secure the detector and optional filters and alpha blockers to a coiled lanyard which can then be clipped to a wrist worn brace for FME purposes.

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