Vocera: Instant Voice Recognition Wireless Communication

Instead of manually connecting workgroups on bulky, short-range Telex systems and wasting time searching for numbers

Vocera Readiness Cabinet

A convenient and safe way to store your Vocera Badges and store/charge your Vocera Batteries

V5000 Vocera Smart Badge

Introducing the all “NEW” V5000 Vocera Smart Badge! The Vocera Smartbadge is a wearable communication device that enables user agility and can accelerate outage efficiency.

CAT S62 Thermal Smartphone

Use the S62 Thermal Smartphone as a Vocera badge

B3000N Vocera Badge

A key component of the Vocera Communication System created to deliver a secure, integrated, and intelligent communication. The Vocera Badge has been designed to meet the requirements of highly mobile workers who need to stay connected while keeping their hands free to perform their regular job duties.

CAT S42 Smartphone

Use the S42 Smartphone as a Vocera badge

Vocera Headsets

We have a variety of noise cancelling, hearing protection and conversation concealing headsets for you to choose from to accommodate every Vocera application.

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