Milicom Headset for Use with Telex Beltpack

The unique patented in-ear mic delivers superior voice quality and whisper capability in all weather and noise conditions, including variant noise level situations (i.e. Wind and manufacturing floor). The superior noise isolation ensures clear sound and protects hearing.

The Y design accommodates all uniform configurations. Available in foam and silicone ear tips styles for best performance in all settings and includes a variety of ear tips sizes to ensure the best fit.

One ear bud is the mic, the other ear bud is the speaker.

-Industrial –grade design for all commercial uses
-Flexible, high grade cable reinforced with Kevlar provides strength
-Dual and Single ear
-30% Reduction of Noise level/ANSI Certified
-In-ear microphone technology
-Used in Military and Security applications
-In excessive hazardous noise areas, can be worn with earmuffs
-Field Tested in a CRD Pump in an operating US BWR

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