Bluetooth High Noise Cancelling Headset

Bluetooth High Noise Cancelling Headset for use with Telex/RTS Beltpack

I.I.S. Bone Conduction Headset

Temple transducer headset with boom mic. Bone conduction technology vibrates sound

The I.I.S. Dual Sided Lightweight Headset

The I.I.S. light weight dual sided headset for use with Telex/RTS beltpack

In Ear Mic for use with Telex Beltpacks

The unique patented in-ear mic delivers superior voice quality and whisper capability in all weather and noise conditions,

David Clark Noise Attenuating Headsets

Under the hardhat or hardhat detachable headset with noise-attenuating features. Used by the US Airforce exclusively

The Telex PH-16

The Telex PH-16 is a dual-sided monaural headset with noise-canceling dynamic microphone. It fits under a helmet and has an EPA rated NRR of 24dB.

The Telex PH-88

The Telex PH-88 is a very light-weight single sided intercom headset with a dynamic, noise cancelling boom microphone, and a lightly padded

LifeChat LX-3000

Sit back with the LifeChat LX-3000 and enjoy the quality digital sound, made even better with total-comfort leatherette ear pads.

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