I.I.S. Pole Camera Solutions

The I.I.S. Pole Cam System allows comprehensive inspections to be conducted both efficiently and safely. No other alternative system can match the portability, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

AurumTech HoloLens POV Camera

The AurumTech HoloLens provides a mobile personnel POV camera that can be access from anywhere on your network while also providing a Augmented Reality workspace that is displayed on the HUD

Portable Surveillance

The W.P.V.S. offers an optional built-in radiological alarm sensor. The W.P.V.S. is designed to provide a turn-key solution for field surveillance and radiological monitoring applications where no power or pre-existing


The narrow 4-way articulating videoscope with a 4.4mm diameter is designed for industrial inspections in rough environments. The Mentor Visual IQ is the most advanced video borescope

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