AMS-4 Continuous Air Monitor

The AMS-4 is a radiation-in-air detection system, designed to provide early warning to workers exposed to potential airborne releases of beta emitting particulates, iodine or noble gases. Its lightweight and robust design accommodates both fixed and portable use applications. A system is comprised of the microprocessor-based central readout device, mated to any of a variety of detection heads which are either attached directly to the readout or used remotely. The monitor offers user selected alarms based on DAC or DAC-hour levels of common radionuclides as specified by 10 CFR Part 20. The system additionally permits the user to enter a DAC constant for a new nuclide or a mixture of nuclides. The AMS-4 is very portable, has real time gamma background subtraction using two detectors, remote sampling capability and can be stand-alone or part of a network of beta CAMs. The system can also be used for stack monitoring of effluent releases using the in-line detector head.

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