The I.I.S. WAM-500 P Wireless Area Radiation Monitor

The NEW WAM-500 P

The Wireless Area Monitor (WAM) 500  P (Portable)  is a hand-held, wireless, gamma radiation monitor.

3 Dose Ranges to chose from:

1: 0.3 mrem/h – 9 R/h

2: 1 mrem/h – 90 R/h

3: 10 mrem/h – 900 R/h

Applications & Uses

  Hand Held Survey Instrument: Survey &  Instant Wireless Send

  Remote Area Monitoring: Extended Cable Length Detector in Reactor Cavity or Spent Fuel Pool

  Training: EP + RP Training Scenarios: Use 2-Way Radio  to generate real-time SIMULATED training   data in the field

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