I.I.S. Radiography Containment System

The I.I.S Radiography Containment Systems allow NDT companies to utilize their existing radiographic equipment. Techops 660/880 – Gammamat etc. NO new equipment! No additional training! It is designed to minimize barricading when radiographic work is being done. The lo-rad system when used with Se75 will guarantee barricades as small as 1.2 meters.

The benefits of the small barricades are significant for two reasons.

 Higher Safety Standards – no radiation overexposure to sight personnel, and
 Improved Productivity, Increased Production and Profits due to NO DOWN TIME

 Makes use of a Selenium “Se75” isotope, allowing readings as little as 7.5 uSv/h at the 1.2 meter barricade
 Eliminates the need to evacuate personnel
 Best suited in areas of confined spaces or areas which are densely populated.

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