Our  22nd annual I.I.S. Benchmark Meeting has concluded. We enjoined having everyone come out and present what new products they had or what their plants were doing. Below is a OneDrive shared collection of the PowerPoints that were shown at the benchmark meeting.

These are all of the speakers we had at the benchmark

Introduction: Benchmarking Technology               Stan Robinson

Lasalle Technology Update                                   John Moser

AurumTech Hands Free Data Management            Jordan McLaughlan

Fitzpatrick Technology update                              Vincent Morgan

Vocera Product Update                                                Dave Bingham

Braidwood Technology update                                    Charity Stopka

St Lucie Technology Update                                         Scott Caddell

ACT Products Update                                                   Dick Culbertson

Master-Lee Services Update                                    Jake Bevan

Byron Technology Update                                        Victor Hughes

Cooper Technology Update                                       Mac Jefferies

Axis Product Update                                                 Leroy Bobbit

Duke Technology Update                                         Edmond Allen

Vogtle 3 & 4                                                              Taylor McLean

Dresden Technology Update                                    Kris Smith

Maxeta RADSurv Update                                         James Visker

TMI 2 Decommissioning Technology Update              Austin Ball/Roy Rose