Vocera Wireless IP Communications System

Instead of manually connecting workgroups on bulky, short-range Telex systems and wasting time searching for numbers, there’s a hands-free wireless voice solution that allows nuclear plant staff to communicate directly, providing employees with the help they need, quickly, efficiently and safely — regardless of their location inside or outside the plant. The solution is Vocera.

Vocera Communication Systems assures nuclear plant staff they’ll have immediate access to the people and systems holding critical information about processes, tests and equipment integral to safe plant operations. Nuclear employees can increase the speed and quality of their communications, spending less time in radiation contaminated areas and reducing the time to complete critical plant management processes and tests.

Vocera provides one-to-one voice and data communication between staff members as well as instant one-to-many (push-to-talk) capability, and can also interface with back-end systems, such as radiation monitors. Plus, telephone users can call into Vocera and reach a Vocera badge wearer and vice versa, meaning every Vocera user is accessible from anywhere at any time.

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