Telex RKP-4 4-Position Wireless Keypanel-Beltpack

The Telex RKP-4 4-position wireless intercom system is 1 to 1(1 base station to 1 beltpack) full duplex, digitally encrypted wireless intercom and will provide communication directly to RTS Matrix communication systems.


 Alphanumeric call waiting display
 Auxiliary balanced audio input & output
 Backlit base station LCD
 Base stations are table or rackmountable
 Beltpack units contained in a weather and shock resistant die cast magnesium case
 Clearscan function
 Compatible with ADAM, ADAM-M, ADAM-CS, Cronus, & Zeus series intercom systems
 Four-wire balanced audio input & output
 Frequency-agile base station & beltpacks
 Full-function intercom keys with LED indicators
 No external computer/device required to select frequencies
 Relay contact closure on the base station that can be activated from the beltpack
 Telex proprietary digitally encrypted wireless communication between the base station & beltpack
 The frequencies of a beltpack may be changed at the beltpack or from the base station

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