Telex KP-32 16/32 Position Intercom Keypanel

Available in a 16 or 32 (pictured) position model. Also available in black or RTS gray. Optional RC/GPI connector assembly available. Uses optional MCP-90-12 or MCP-90-18 gooseneck microphone. Keypanel includes full function programming keypad, non-volatile memory and rear panel dip switches for user options.


 Super-bright, fluorescent displays
Provide much better visibility and usable life than LCD displays. A display saver mode with programmable scrolling message extends display life and conserves power during periods of inactivity.

 32 lever keys, with 30 keys available for full talk/listen configuration
Doubles the number of channels over the KP-9X series keypanels. Keys support both latching (hands-free) and momentary (push-to-talk) operation.

 Enhanced programming keypad
Provides the complete KP-9X keypad sequences, plus new keypad sequences, plus an extensive scrollable menu system. Menus include helpful prompts to walk the user through setup.

 Only 90 mm deep behind the front panel (approximately 130 mm with connectors)
Perfect for consoles, OB vans, etc.

 Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Improves microphone voice activation and limiting. Adds new mixing, metering, and filtering capabilities.

 Binaural (5-pin) Headset Connector
Works with the DSP mixing feature. Lets you independently assign intercom, microphone, and program audio to left or right headphone. Note: monaural (4-pin) connector available as an option. For monaural operation, the mixer lets you select which items are monitored in the headphones.

 Easy upgrades
Firmware updates can be received via the internet, for example, and then downloaded to the KP-32 via the intercom connection. Ready for future communication enhancements, including coax, fiber, and ISDN. (For further information, search for keyword “firmware” in AZedit help.)

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