Telex BTR-700

The Telex BTR-700 is a professional UHF wireless intercom Base Station, offering full-duplex, frequency-agile support of up to 4 beltpacks

Telex TR-700

The Telex TR-700 is a professional UHF beltpack transceiver with access to 1440 frequencies, offering detachable screw-in 1/4

Telex BTR-800

The Telex BTR-800 is a 2-channel, frequency-agile UHF wireless intercom base station, with channel access from each of four full-duplex

Telex TR-800

The Telex TR-800 2-Channel UHF Transceiver (A4F RTS, A2: 518-536MHz Receive/632-650MHz Transmit) is a 2-channel UHF

Telex BTR-80N

The Telex BTR-80N Narrow Band 2-Channel UHF Wireless Base Station (A4M Telex, A1: 518-536MHz Transmit/614-632MHz Receive)

Telex TR-80N

The Telex TR-80N 2-Channel UHF Transceiver (A5F Telex, (F1: 482-500MHz Receive/614-632MHz Transmit) is a 2-channel UHF

Belt pack Frequency Identification Sleeves

Telex belt pack frequency identification sleeves help to quickly identify which belt packs are for what frequency. Choose from multiple colors.

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