Silicone Base Tungsten/Bismuth Shielding

Silicone based Tungsten or Bismuth Shielding products maximize shielding effectiveness while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Dry Cask Storage Shielding Solutions

The ultra high-density lead shielding is optimally sized for fit, coverage and ergonomics, and includes a high-temperature alpha maritex cover.

Vertical Pipe Lead Blanket Support Systems

By placing a pair of cross stitched straps equipped with grommets and hooks around the pipe and tightening the rachets down

Pressurizer Shielding Package

PWR Pressurizer (PZR) shielding packages for all maintenance and Alloy 600 projects, including weld overlays, inspection and heater replacement.

Lead Blankets

Built to last, the proven strength and durability of these blankets

Lead Blanket Support Systems

H-Frame and Serpentine Blanket Support Systems for deploying lead blankets.

Shielded Monitor Booths

Custom shield booths reduce background and count times with your existing PCM, frisker, and hand/foot monitors. These booth structures, comprised of lead

Sludge Lansing

Custom fit to any plant’s steam generators, these magnetically secured lead wool panels provide shielding between the worker and the side of the steam generator.

Water Shield Systems

Stainless steel and carbon steel Water Shield Systems are ideal for shielding a mixed field of neutron and gamma radiation. These light weight,

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