Augmented Intelligence Solutions (A-I-S)

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Fire Drill Safety Training

This Package gives us Fire drill safety in plant. It clearly show the measures to be taken while any fire acccident in plant and shows us process to turn of equipment and also how to extinguish it in plant by user with lively interactions.

Training is given with instructions and path to follow by user.

Lock Out Tag Out Training

This Package gives us demo of a Nuclear plant equipment and its tags to familiarize by trainee. In this Package shows us each equipment tag with images and videos.

Some of the instructions for hazard signs present in the room that Trainee need to observe those areas carefully to avoid accidents or any errors in real time environment.

Field Operations

In this User gets a set of instructions to perform an Operation in real time environment with the help of Tablet.

This package reduces the paperwork and set of instructions and work has been tracked within the Tablet by Supervisor.

Operational Training

This Package shows with an exact replica of real object which has been loaded in the room. This package guides the user with voice over instructions which are included in it.

There will be a sequential blinking on each part with which user needs to interact and perform operation on that object.

Enterprise Platform with Live Data

It streams live data of object and content assembling which has been published as package. It can render in the Browser board for data analytics of that package in the SnapDPL ELMOS Viewer.

It can also shows the analytics chart and graphs with live data Streaming.

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry.