I.I.S. Mobile Lighting System

Deploy a wireless camera anywhere with The I.I.S. Mobile Light System has a ruggedized case with wheels houses the battery unit. It has a 2’ to 7’ telescoping pole, 2 power outlets, and comes equipped with 2 LED lights.  Use the LED lights for illuminating the area for a better video image.


 LED Type: High Flux LED
 LED Life: 50000 Hours
 Tested Lumen Value: 2000 (Low) 4000 (High)
 Brightness Settings: 2 Power Source
 Battery Type: 12v Rechargeable, Sealed
 Battery Burn Time: 14 hrs. (Low) 7 hrs. (High)
 Battery Charging Time: 9 hrs. from full discharge
 Battery Life: 2000 Cycles
 Low Battery Warning: Intermittent Blinking
 12V Primary Sockets: 2 12V Auxiliary Sockets

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