I.I.S. Smart Card Briefing System (S.C.B.S.)

The I.I.S. Smart Card Briefing System will eliminate time keeping track of HRA Briefing Sheets and recalling them when personnel needs to make a HRA re-entry.
Exelon’s LaSalle Station requested a customized solution to electronically manage their HRA Briefs.

Solutions Goals:

  • Create an electronic form of HRA Brief worker has to carry
  • Better way to document HRA Briefs
  • Eliminate time keeping track of active Briefs and expiration times
  • No more reissuing lost or misplaced active brief paper work

System consists of 3 Components:

Activation Stations, Check Stations, Smart Cards

2018 Q2 New Features:

  • Added Time Track mode which can record entry and exit to an area
  • Added set point data viewable on check station
  • Added ability to set the brief duration for up to 1 year
  • Added logout option on activation stations
  • Added time left on brief to check station so workers would know when their brief was about to expire