Panasonic WV-CS954 Analog Dome Network Camera

The Panasonic WV-CS954 Super Dynamic III dome camera is equipped with a 30X optical zoom lens. Combined with a 10X digital zoom, for a total zoom capability up to 300X, this camera can identify distant subjects. With its pixel based 128X Dynamic Range, the WV-CS954 works beautifully even when contrast changes from scene to scene. Area free natural contrast image correction ensures accurate reproduction, whatever the subject. Horizontal resolution is significantly higher, 540 lines (typical) in color or 570 lines in B/W. Images stay clear and sharp in lighting as low as 0.5 lux in and 0.04 lux in black and white. Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction eliminates streaking from objects such as headlights. Whatever the situation, WV-CS954 offers dramatic improvement in subject identification.

 All-in-one color surveillance dome camera unit
 Auto tracking
 Horizontal resolution of 540-line (typical) at color mode, and 570-line at b/w mode
 Day/Night Operation can be selected to auto or manual switch from color to b/w
 Privacy zone masking function
 Digital-FLIP by memory allows automatic 180 degree turn
 Multiplex-coaxial or RS-485 data communication
 Optional smoked dome cover, ceiling and wall mounts brackets are available for various applications

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