I.I.S. ALARAScoreboard 2

The I.I.S. ALARAScoreboard 2 Dose Awareness Display is the 2nd generation of one of our most valuable ALARA awareness tools.  Connecting directly into your access control database, the I.I.S. ALARAScoreboard displays radiological data by specific RWP or workgroup on virtually any destination display including HD TV’s, HD monitors, laptops, and SD monitors/displays.  You also have the ability to change font types, adjust the yellow and red threshold values, adjust the update interval, as well as setup e-mail notification alerts.


 Displays RWP/Workgroup Data
 User Defined Update Interval & Threshold Values
 Send E-mail Notifications
 Works On Virtually Any Device/Display

Latest Version Updates: Nov. 2015

  • Common Dose Goals – All systems can connect to a centralized database to provide single update of goals
  • Time frame can be set within the program
    • Overall – Entire duration displayed from defined database view
    • Shiftly – Set duration for shift based dose and define length of shift
    • Daily – Dose is shown for current day accumulation
    • Weekly – Dose is shown for current week accumulation, allows setting of the starting day of the week
    • Monthly – Dose is shown for the current month accumulation
    • Specific – Set specific start and end date, commonly used for outages
  • Field selection of “Total” added – This line will show the total of all dose for the specified time range whether it is an individual selection or not.

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