High Radiation Robot

Looking for a way to inspect areas without sending in plant personnel? Do you need to retrieve a piece of fuel or incore left in refuel canal after drain down upon the completion of refueling? Our solution: The High Radiation Robot is a stair climbing ruggedized vehicle with many applications.


 Ascend/Descend stairs and go over most terrain.
 Aircraft grade aluminum chassis.
 The robot is completely symmetric and invertible.
 It is about 38 inches long and 20 inches wide by about 9 1/2″ high (tread height).
 Weight is about 60lbs with no batteries.
 NiMH battery

I.I.S. JR Inspection

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Robot Blu is a custom tracked Hi Rad Inspection robot for going into tight spaces with low clearance height. It includes a pan and tilt camera with 30X optical zoom.

The I.I.S. JR Inspection is small lightweight robot perfect for those hard to reach applications.

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