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Integrated Remote Job Coverage

I.I.S. provides the latest advanced audio, video, and telemetry technology and integrates them on your network to give you the ability to achieve total job coverage

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Outage Support

We have been providing outage support to sites within the Exelon, Entergy, Duke, FP & L, and OPG fleets. PG & E, Northwest Energy, and Beaver Valley are among

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I.I.S. RADS Electronic Survey System

The purpose of Survey is to minimize radiation exposure to HP personnel. To accomplish this, Survey was designed to allow health physics technicians to quickly acquire survey

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I-I-S Training

IIS can provide you the training you need to get the job done right and safely. We offer 3 days of free training onsite at the I.I.S. Facility on all product lines including Vocera,

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I.I.S. Smart Card Briefing System (S.C.B.S.)

The I.I.S. Smart Card Briefing System will eliminate time keeping track of HRA Briefing Sheets and recalling them when personnel needs to make a HRA re-entry.

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I.I.S. Radiography Containment System

The I.I.S Radiography Containment Systems allow NDT companies to utilize their existing radiographic equipment. Techops 660/880 – Gammamat etc.

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