Telex VKP Virtual Keypanel Software

The RTS VoIP Virtual Keypanel (VKP) is a Windows-based application that allows any user to have a fully functioning RTS Digital Matrix Intercom user station on their PC.


Using the same Voice over IP technology as the RVON cards, the VoIP Virtual Keypanel is compatible with any RTS Digital Matrix Intercom system equipped with either RVON-8, RVON-16, RVON-C, or RVON-I/O interfaces.

 GUI Interface Skins
The RTS Virtual Keypanel has three standard interface skins: CLD Lever Key, Classic Lever Key, and Classic Pushbutton. Other skins can be easily created to fit the needs of individual environment giving a highly application specific configuration option.

With VoIP Virtual Keypanel running under Windows, no special dedicated hardware is required. The same PC that runs your general purpose applications, such as spreadsheets, word processors, and AZedit, can simultaneously function as a matrix keypanel.

 Worldwide Connections
Remote communications using VoIP Virtual Keypanel and a compatible computer, RTS Digital Matrix Intercom communications can be accessed from anywhere in the world that an IP-compliant LAN connection can be made.

 Program Updates
Program updates can be downloaded to the PC that hosts the VoIP Virtual Keypanel.

 Multilingual Character Sets
The VKP VoIP Virtual Keypanel supports Standard English and Japanese Kanji character sets.

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