The Javelin

An industrial quality vertical takeoff and landing vehicle with an operation range of 40 miles. The Javelin is capable of carrying a variety of payloads including Mirion radiological detection equipment such as the SPIR-Explorer, RDS-31 and Telepole II.

The system is specifically designed for Emergency Preparedness, Military and Homeland Security applications. In addition to the pilot view video, the Javelin can be outfitted with high definition infrared and zoom video systems. The Javelin is a customizable to fit a variety of industrial applications.

Class:  Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL)
Wingspan: 9.5 Feet (2750mm)
Weight:  Under 55 lbs for nuclear and non-nuclear applications
Motors: Four hover motors with 24 Inch props and One Thrust motor w/ 20 Inch Prop
Battery System: 50 VDC Lithium Polymer
Range:  40 Mile range
Speed:  Top cruising speed 80 mph, hover 0 mph
Camera:  First-Person- View (FPV) Pilot Video System
Remote:  Pilot Remote Control using Bluetooth connectivity to Android Tablet/2.4 Ghz
Telemetry:  Remote Vehicle Telemetry wirelessly to Pilot Tablet, spread spectrum frequency hopping
Includes:  One set of batteries, one remote, one charger, one ground station with FPV video feed display

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